Budget. Accumulate. Invest.


Investment Planning

A part of what you earn is for you to keep. What you keep is yours, what you don’t keep is not yours. This planning is where you let your accumulated hard earned money to work for you by maximizing the compounding interest returns while keeping the risks low. This is to ensure you will have more than enough funds to meet your life goals and plans.

Asset Management

As Peter Lynch says, 'investing without proper research is gambling'. Money is hard earned. Therefore a strategic and efficient course of action must be taken to manage your accumulated wealth, which also comprises of your assets, investments and tax.

Risk Management

Risk management establishes the foundation for financial planning. It involves protecting your wealth and future income so as to ensure your financial goals are not interrupted by adverse life events.

Estate Planning

Death and taxes are two things that are certain in life. A successful person takes a lifetime to build up his wealth. However, it takes just a snap of an unforeseen moment to destroy it. That's the reason why every individual must take estate planning seriously. This is where your entire life's wealth, philosophy, belief, are passed on to the people you loved the most, through philanthropic processes meeting your wishes.


This community is co-founded by 2 young and energetic financial advisers from Kuala Lumpur, named Billy Teoh and Sam Lim.

Regardless of the stage of life one is in, there will be some financial challenges that he/she will face. So, that’s the reason why this group is created – to educate you to have higher literacy in the area of financial planning.

Combining our 14 years of experience working in the financial industry, we believe that we can help you to plan, manage and safeguard your finances through our flawlessly simple and effective 2-step formula.

We will be sharing valuable resources, recommendations and tools to help you in planning, strategising and executing your financial plan in order to achieve your desired goals in life.

Come and be part of our exclusive community. Let’s get started today!


Personal Finance Survey

This template is designed to collect information to know your awareness regarding personal finances. This survey template is designed to understand about your knowledge and experience with personal finances, mortgages, credit scores, etc. Developing better financial management skills makes it more likely that the person will achieve his/her life goals.


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